Shopper Insights and Research Program

To understand shopper behavior to improve category management and shopper marketing outcomes

Shopper Intelligence is an international, quantitative measurement research program which is based on interviewing shoppers, from all major categories, brands and retailers, in one cost efficient benchmarking process.

Our shopper research program provides neutral, unbiased, comparable data on what category, brand and retail shoppers really want. The information collected can also show how satisfied these shoppers are at a category level in each banner, together with a range of attitude and shopper behavior metrics that drive category management and shopper marketing strategies.

Organised the way a retailer needs to think about the shopper, this data is a powerful enhancement to category planning and drives effective joint working between manufacturer and retailers; for a lower level of investment than custom shopper research. Its complementary to Panel, EPOS and Loyalty Card data which tells you what shoppers are buying, but not why they are buying it.

In today’s world, the demand for improved ROI on shopper marketing is ever increasing. If you are looking for the most effective shopper research toolkit to identify how best to drive brand and category growth, then we invite you to explore our shopper insights program which is the first large scale total market measurement of shopper behavior to provide the most actionable shopper insights available, with benchmarks of your category to all the others and from banner to banner.

A brief introduction to our shopper research program

The Partnering Group
Dr Brian Harris, Founder

I have been watching the development of the Shopper Intelligence system overseas for a couple of years and It has always seemed to me to be a good way to provide the often missing piece of the category management data set – the voice of the shopper. In every category project we need to understand clearly what the shopper needs and wants…

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Campbells Arnott’sAndrea Steen, Customer Insights Manager, Woolworths
Shopper Intelligence is a critical input into Arnott’s business strategies. We consistently find it adds value to conversations with retailers about their customers and so helps us partner more effectively. As an example, Shopper Intelligence demonstrated ...

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News InternationalMaria Psarros, Retail and Shopper Insights Manager
Shopper Intelligence Convenience 2013 and Grocery 2013 is a true reflection of the category challenges and opportunities from a retail shopper perspective. This independent research provides every manufacturer the equal opportunity to develop their own ...

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Birch & Waite FoodsMichelle Forster, Head of Marketing
Shopper Intelligence has been instrumental, not only in building our relationship with Woolworths, but also in understanding shopper behaviour optimising in market support. As a tool it has enabled us to speak Woolworths’ language and ...

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Quorn FoodsJulian Cooke, Head of Category Management
The unique data and insight we receive from Shopper Intelligence was vital in convincing Tesco to relist our products as we could effectively demonstrate the shopper impact of their decision. The relists have had a ...

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Adams FoodsKaty Ryan, Global Category Director
We have used Shopper Intelligence to reveal the reasons why we see the patterns in our more traditional EPOS and Panel data. Without it we would have never understood the impact of quality of a ...

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Mars Chocolate, FranceSandrine Cuenot, Key Account Manager
The quality of your presentation and the messages delivered about the category have been most appreciated by the audience from our client [major retailer].This presentation gives them reasons and rationales to push the category ...

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SCA, FranceManuel Lorimier, Customer Marketing Director
This solution is of great interest by being very pragmatic and innovative, answering real market needs : benchmarking with standardized methodology, specific vision per retailer. It’s a very rich, expert solution, well designed ...

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