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Shopper Intelligence data supports your proposals to customers and joint planning because only our database tells you how your category compares to all the others in each retailer – insights that have strong relevance to your buyer.



We are the only data source that quantifies the different role of categories across the store to your customers, benchmarked to your competitors; helping you select the right strategy for each.


What Our Clients Say

“Shopper Intelligence insights made a great difference to CCEP’s understanding of shopper perceptions on soft drinks in Grocery at the front of store. We used the Shopper Intelligence insights to highlight 3 top shopper satisfaction attributes to revive Tesco front of store and were able to achieve results directly with Tesco”

Yasmine Henry • Coca-Cola European Partners - Business Intelligence Manager

“Shopper Intelligence has been a valuable resource for our shopper and sales teams, helping us better understand the roles of our categories versus others through the eyes of shoppers across different retailer channels.

Providing some of the why’s behind the behaviors, we’ve used the comprehensive information from SI with other data to guide our strategic thinking and recommendations for layout and assortment; successfully sell-in new items at retail; and increase our organizational understanding of the shopper overall. It’s a robust, workhorse in our shopper knowledge toolbox.

Paraphrasing one of our sales leaders: I never visit my retail partner these days without ‘Shopper Intelligence’ in my back pocket!”

John Pfalzgraf • Director of Consumer Knowledge, Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products

“During strategic planning discussions with our customers we identified key opportunities to grow the Fruity wine category.

Shopper Intelligence gave Brown Brothers key insights showing the high expandability of Moscato consumption, (highest ranked wine varietal) which was ranking close to Cider. Shopper demand for new flavours, types and formats in Moscato were compelling.

Our key out-take, as market leader and producer of Australia’s favourite Moscato we needed to change the game, lead innovation & elate consumers in the Moscato arena.”

Rachel Estlin • Founder, Marketing Manager, Brown Brothers Wine

“Shopper Intelligence is well embedded across the business at Coles. It is a key component in our suite of insights driving Customer and Category planning and is hard-wired into category level templates that Category Managers use to make decisions everyday (e.g. range reviews)”

David Brown • Category Insights Manager – Grocery Food, Coles Supermarkets

“The unique data and insight we receive from Shopper Intelligence was vital in convincing Tesco to re-list our products as we could effectively demonstrate the shopper impact of their decision. The relists have had a significant positive impact on the category and a clear return on our investment.”

Julian Cooke • Head of Category Management, Quorn Foods

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Understanding the shopper is at the heart of successful plans for promotions, ranging and merchandising. It’s crucial to all aspects of category management, shopper marketing and joint planning.

Retailers need to prioritize across categories based on what shoppers want, and fine tune marketing with facts about how their customers differ to their competitors.

Suppliers should propose execution plans based on evidence about what shoppers seek, customized to each retailer’s unique profile

But do you have the time or the budget to get all these insights, for each category, in each banner every year, through custom research?

  • Complements other data sources
    Scan data, Panel data and Loyalty Card programs tell you in great depth what shoppers are buying, Proven in 10 countries, Shopper Intelligence is the only shared program of direct measurement of how and why shoppers make their purchase decisions. Which in turn helps you identify what needs to be changed for improved performance.

  • A more efficient research model
    In today’s world, decisions need to move at pace, budgets are tight, and time is ever more pressured. So, new, better ways to obtain and use shopper insights is becoming crucial for success.
    A subscription to Shopper Intelligence provides is like the “80 for 20” of shopper insights. We refined our methodology over ten years to get you’re the insights that really matter but charge you a fraction of the cost of doing your own research.

  • Shopper Intelligence has already won 140 client companies, across 7 countries.

  • The unique power of benchmarking
    Updated each year, SI has a normative database covering all major categories, so you know how each compares to all others, and we benchmark across all key channels and banners, making differences easy to understand. It’s this comprehensive view that gives our data its unique value, whilst our software and support team (link to page) ensure speedy analysis and the ability to get you to the “so what” quickly.

“Shopper Intelligence is the authoritative voice of the shopper generating rich insights that matter to Categories and Brands, Suppliers and Retailers” 


Objective. Comparable. Store-Wide Data.

Build better category plans based on facts about how shoppers make choices.