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What exactly is Shopper Research for?

2018-10-23T10:42:41+01:00October 23rd, 2018|Views|

Sometimes I think we in market research can get far too excited about our lovely data and the fascinating things it can tell you but don’t spend nearly enough time walking in our clients’ shoes thinking about improving sales. For sure, there can be a lengthy pathway between any data and the business outcome. And

Balance between simplicity and depth in PowerPoint slides

2020-08-24T21:09:14+01:00September 20th, 2018|Views|

A presentation inspired me by Madhumita Chakraborty from Pepsico who explained their “One thought per chart” philosophy for insights into their business. I liked the idea that the presenter has to have the discipline to know (and stick to) what the single “take out” has to be from any ppt slide. At least that sets

What is AI and what does it mean for market research?

2018-09-14T09:37:54+01:00September 7th, 2018|Views|

I was at the “StockTech” conference in Stockholm this week, and lots of the talk was about AI. Input from lots of gaming companies, Google, startups, and many other people in jeans and sneakers. Wasn’t my usual habitat but exciting to see just what’s around the corner in many business sectors.  I thought I would

Do we really talk the same language as our customers?

2018-08-01T16:35:43+01:00August 1st, 2018|Views|

The first requirement in any relationship is to communicate. I was talking to a friend who runs a group for new migrants coming into their community. Most don’t speak English at all, often not one word. She made it abundantly clear to me how hard it is to form a relationship if you can’t talk

Infographic: Is online driving even greater shopper promotional buying?

2018-07-19T10:17:41+01:00July 19th, 2018|Views|

For the first time, the unique Shopper Intelligence database can produce a robust and thorough comparison of how shoppers approach an online shopping “trip” compared to a physical store. This data (see infographic) compares ‘000s of traditional supermarket visits with Amazon and purchase occasions. We can look at this category by category, retailer by

Infographic: How do shoppers behave at Discounters (Aldi)?

2018-07-18T13:49:18+01:00July 18th, 2018|Views|

In this infographic built from Shopper Intelligence’s unique database of interviews from thousands of shoppers across the USA, measured retailer by retailer, category by category, we look at what’s different about the emerging “discounter” channel. Everyone knows how strong the price image of Aldi is, and its limited range of mainly own brands, but using

“We can’t afford to do category management anymore!”

2018-05-24T09:50:23+01:00May 24th, 2018|Views|

I was chatting with a senior industry individual recently. His thesis was that as retailer competition is driven in part by the so-called “Discounters” (read our blog - “Discounter”), that meant that supplier-retailer relationships were increasingly about getting to the lowest possible “no frills” price, which meant, in turn, drastic cutting of any non-essential overhead