Far from it. There are powerful economies at work here that don’t harm quality. There are no compromises in the interview which is the key source of data quality. Each respondent is recruited, paid and takes the requisite time to complete the questionnaire. Our quality controls are very strict (stricter than most such studies), so any poor quality respondents are rejected. We invest heavily in our fieldwork – we deliberately and expensively ask for a shop in the last 3 days and ask each respondent only about one or two categories in just their last shop. You can be sure these are shoppers who can answer questions accurately. The cost savings you benefit from come from two efficiency elements inherent in our large scale model. First, all categories and retailers are measured in one single contemporary process. This leads to savings due to fixed cost sharing and massive savings from using respondent panels very effectively (whilst making sure measures are comparable). Second, our reporting and analysis is highly automated. Although you receive a highly developed set of outputs and tools, these have been designed over many years and are applied to your data set through automation. Finally, we have refined our content and reporting over the years so the usual “design and build” time element of custom research is not needed. Don’t forget also the internal time savings from not having to develop the research and “land” the reporting. Of course the main area you do inevitably compromise on is being able to tailor every aspect of the questionnaire specifically to your business. But this is offset with the provision of the benchmarks that give powerful insights.