There is evidence that shoppers find it difficult to report some aspects of their decision making and behaviours after the event. Indeed some shopping influences are entirely subliminal so no form of direct research can reliably assess them. We recognise this as follows:

  • We ask questions where shoppers should able to give reliable answers (and respondent feedback backs this up).
  • With large quantitative samples, any difference is by definition “real” if statistically valid. If responses varied randomly due to inability to recall, you would not see patterns emerge.
  • We benchmark – we show you real differences between your category and others or changes over time.
  • We focus on the remembered experience; which in turn will drive decision to shop that category and store in the future.
  • We ask clients to compare our outcomes with studies completed using other methods. In every case we have seen consistency.
  • Finally, of course, we ensure the interview is done as recently as possible to the shopping trip.