Real differentiation comes from the recommendations you make using any data source. In this sense Shopper Intelligence is no different to Panel data – you will generate learnings that others do not. Retailers are interested in ways to create growth and your thinking will be driven by many pieces of information. The big advantage with our system is that in using a data source retailers already accept, your recommendations are more credible and appear as more objective. Also, because Shopper Intelligence gives you “the shopper basics” for less cost you can spend the remainder of your budgets in a more “rifle shot” way – digging deeper into where the issues are. Also, bear in mind that speed and consistency is important. Custom work takes a long time and is not done on a frequent basis. Using Shopper Intelligence your teams have up to date data available in a user friendly, and easy to analyse form at their fingertips, week in week out. As they get familiar with it, they will find more and more ways to leverage it. And don’t forget you can add totally custom content.