What makes Shopper Intelligence unique for Retailers?

The goals of retail management are to increase footfall, drive up basket spend, and improve conversion. Categories in the store are like levers that can be pulled to achieve these outcomes and attain competitive advantage.

There are key things you can only find out from shopper research that help you make effective decisions on promotions, merchandising and ranging. To help you allocate space well, and to spend marketing budgets efficiently. Ideally you need this category by category, benchmarked to your competitors:

  1. Are we giving shoppers what they want?
  2. Are we meeting key shopper missions (eg usage occasions)?
  3. How and when do shoppers make their decisions?
  4. What is the shopper role of any category to driving traffic or building basket spend?
  5. What is the product loyalty profile of a category?
  6. Where is my Private Label more effective?

What Shopper Intelligence uniquely gives you is these metrics for each and every category so you can know where to augment range, where to focus on Private Label, where to maximise low price and where to focus on premium, to name but a few.

We measure across all categories in all your competitors. This is “open” data so you can directly compare – identifying areas of underperformance, or differences in customer needs.

Our database is co-funded by manufacturers so this powerful “total market” view needn’t cost the earth. In fact, you can get this data for a fraction of the price of commissioning this kind of research yourself.

The data is updated each year, so you can always bring the latest point of view and track change.

Our very cost-efficient process and powerful software puts this data at your team’s fingertips year-round to fuel regular planning and special projects. Our specialist team help you land the “so what” helping take the insights into commercial action.

Shopper Intelligence has already won 140 client companies, across 7 countries.

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