What makes Shopper Intelligence unique for Suppliers?

  • Data that persuades buyers
    You need better category and shopper marketing plans to win your buyer’s agreement and generate the profitable growth you need. “Better” means driving improved category as well as brand performance, grounded in a clear eyed view of what shoppers want. A view that your buyer will agree with; one with a fact base to help them sell onwards in their business.

  • Comparisons that really matter to retailers
    Shopper Intelligence was designed to help you win with your retailer. Our database of metrics covers the key issues that will put shopper needs at the heart of your internal thinking, and metrics that matter to retailers. Our “top down” comprehensive program not only helps you understand your own categories and brands, but also where these “fit “into your retailer’s overall store mix. It’s this latter context that you only get from Shopper Intelligence – a view that your buyer will really engage with.

  • The power of competitor insight
    You can bring competitive insights to your retailer because we openly benchmark retailers and channels (Including on line). There is nothing a buyer cares more about than where they are losing out to a competitor.

  • Always up to date
    Our database is updated each year, so you can always bring the latest point of view and track change.

  • Effective Delivery System
    Our very cost efficient process and powerful software (link) puts this data at your fingertips year round to fuel brand plans, category plans, account plans and projects. Our specialist team support you to land the “so what” helping take the insights into commercial action.

  • More for your budget
    We say we are the “80 for 20” of shopper insights. Our ten years of refinement of methodology ensures you get the most useful insights but a shared database means 20% of the cost of doing your own research. Particularly if you need data for multiple categories and retailers.

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