Why is objective, quantitative shopper data in proposals and plans so important?

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We may not like to think about it, but as humans, we are all subject to a range of unconscious biases. These get in the way of our rational decision making so that we often end up with worse outcomes than we should. Clear, unambiguous, quantitative data, well explained can overcome these “gut feel” problems.

10 things that annoy me in data discussions

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I spend my life in data. I love it. Give me a fact versus a guess any day of the week. I know I may be in a minority in that regard, but I think marketing should be a balanced synthesis of science and art. As a musician, I know and love art. Art is most likely where

Thinking Outside In – the only way to talk to retailers

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We are taught it on our first day in sales training. That the customer only cares about WIFM: “What’s in it for me”. So, whatever we are proposing has to solve the buyer’s problem. Or meet the buyer ’s needs. But how much of what an account manager is provided by his or her business

Three take outs from the “Shopper Brain” Conference, Amsterdam

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The recent “Shopper Brain” Conference in Amsterdam saw the gathering of “neuro marketers” from around the world. Essentially these are the people in our Industry that are trying to uncover and then exploit the way consumers/shoppers brains respond to stimuli, rather than just focussing on the reactions of human beings’ 10% of conscious thinking. My first learning

Cheaper and better – the new paradigm of innovation today

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It just wasn’t possible in the past. We all knew that as a guiding principle, cheaper things were not as good as more expensive things. A tradesperson offering a cheaper deal was probably not as competent or used inferior materials. A piece of hardware wouldn’t last as long if it were a lower price because

What exactly is Shopper Research for?

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Sometimes I think we in market research can get far too excited about our lovely data and the fascinating things it can tell you but don’t spend nearly enough time walking in our clients’ shoes thinking about improving sales. For sure, there can be a lengthy pathway between any data and the business outcome. And

Balance between simplicity and depth in PowerPoint slides

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A presentation inspired me by Madhumita Chakraborty from Pepsico who explained their “One thought per chart” philosophy for insights into their business. I liked the idea that the presenter has to have the discipline to know (and stick to) what the single “take out” has to be from any ppt slide. At least that sets

What is AI and what does it mean for market research?

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I was at the “StockTech” conference in Stockholm this week, and lots of the talk was about AI. Input from lots of gaming companies, Google, startups, and many other people in jeans and sneakers. Wasn’t my usual habitat but exciting to see just what’s around the corner in many business sectors.  I thought I would