We all cook World Foods on Instagram. But what happens in-store?

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We all cook World Foods on Instagram. But what happens in-store? These insights were first published as part of The Grocer's World Foods Category Report 2020 (Nov 2020). Figures have been updated to reflect our most recent data. Do you miss eating out during the pandemic? Dream about your favourite restaurant's flavours - let

Cut the cr*p and be a better storyteller

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Cut the cr*p and be a better storyteller When was the last time you were asked to show more charts? I suspect that’s never happened. However, if you haven’t created a deck with 64 slides of charts and one slide of recommendations, I’m sure you’ve seen one. If you’re a Category Manager then you’re

There are 3 types of category manager. Only one is of real use.

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There are 3 types of Category Manager. Only one is of any real use. I’m not a classically trained Category Manager, I’m not sure many of us are. If you were lucky enough to be given formal training, or taught by someone who was, you’ll be familiar with the framework we all work to, more

What makes Oral Care and Personal Care unique for retailers?

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Shoppers heavily rely on promotions We see a heavy reliance on promotions and shoppers certainly notice it! 30% of shoppers claim to buy on promotions in the Oral Care, Personal Care and Toiletries department. The store average (across 165 FMCG categories) is only 23%. Despite this promotional awareness, it

As a Category Manager are you the next CEO or stuck for life?

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If you're a Category Manager are you the next CEO or stuck for life? “Let’s be realistic, if you stay in Category then the best you can hope for is heading up the Category Team. After that if you want to go up, you’ll have to get out.” You might not have been told

5 Shopper Insight Fundamentals that still apply today

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About the author: Bill Bean is Vice President of Insights and Research at Shopper Intelligence USA. He is a nationally recognized American senior marketing executive with expertise in marketing analytics, shopper insights and innovative tech solutions in shopper research. This article was first published in Quirk's Media in July/August 2020, posted here with permission.

How to win UK shoppers in different dairy categories

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Dairy is a versatile department. Categories that sit side by side play very different roles for shoppers and for retailers. By comparing categories, we better inform our category management strategies. Using the latest shopper insights from Shopper Intelligence UK's recent survey (June-September 2020) here we shall focus on two categories within Dairy: Yoghurts vs.

What Van Halen’s “Jump” teaches us about business

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Van Halen. Jump. Great Song. One of the greatest. But what does it teach us about business? More than you’d think! Let me explain. Bear with me (by the way it helps to listen along for full value for money). At the get go, it’s like a start-up company. It has to punch through

Home Baking shopping trend: capture it by Premium and Innovation

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Home Baking - a new trend with need for innovation  After the sudden rise of cooking at home resulting from the initial lockdown measures, consumers are returning to old habits and we see this trend returning to pre-lockdown levels. However, the opportunity still exists for brands and retailers to retain trialists of the home

Why isn’t sales history alone sufficient to understand shoppers?

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If you read the marketing tomes coming from the likes of Nielsen, IRI, Kantar, 84.51, Dunnhumby etc, you would imagine that historic sales patterns can answer pretty much any category or retail strategy requirement. There are many providers of sales analytics. An entire Industry. An Industry with a common dominant assumption, an assumption that