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Shopper Research is a rapidly changing field.

Since the outset of Category Management the need for great insights has been given even higher priority by Retailer and Supplier consolidation and the ever present need for retailers and manufacturers to find ways to get more from less, together. If both parties can agree about the requirements of the shopper, then its easier to agree what changes should be made to improve category performance helping both parties.

Second to this mutual benefit goal is supplier objectives around ensuring their brands succeed in winning the purchase in the last moments of the path to purchase. Every other marketing tool will be made redundant if a potential brand buyer fails to convert into an actual brand buyer at the point of purchase. The new marketing field “shopper marketing” becoming more and more sophisticated as marketers look at new ways to engage consumers and shoppers throughout the path to purchase. And if the brand agenda and retailer agenda can be aligned for mutually effective resonance, then both can realise better ROI for marketing investments and limited resources.

Shopper insights and hence Shopper Intelligence are about trying to uncover objective information about how shoppers think, behave and make decisions.

We see as fundamental to this the ability to know what shoppers want and how they make decisions in the purchase process. What is working? What is not?

For anyone exploring shopper research, there are of course many useful and different methodologies available to use. Both qualitative and quantitative tools have a role to play. For example, in store observations, physical tracking technologies, intercept interviews etc are all valid routes to insights. Where Shopper Intelligence is different is around the sheer scale of our program which is based on literally thousands of post shop interviews, giving you metrics on your category but also our unique benchmarks across the whole store portfolio. It’s the largest research program in the world right now and probably ever.

Shopper Intelligence is the largest international program of systematic shopper insights. In 2020 we will carry out 700,000 individual shopper interviews in 20 countries

We run Industry wide programs in 7 countries and can measure in any other country to your specific brief

What Our Clients Say

“Shopper Intelligence insights made a great difference to CCEP’s understanding of shopper perceptions on soft drinks in Grocery at the front of store. We used the Shopper Intelligence insights to highlight 3 top shopper satisfaction attributes to revive Tesco front of store and were able to achieve results directly with Tesco”

Yasmine Henry • Coca-Cola European Partners - Business Intelligence Manager

“Shopper Intelligence has been a valuable resource for our shopper and sales teams, helping us better understand the roles of our categories versus others through the eyes of shoppers across different retailer channels.

Providing some of the why’s behind the behaviors, we’ve used the comprehensive information from SI with other data to guide our strategic thinking and recommendations for layout and assortment; successfully sell-in new items at retail; and increase our organizational understanding of the shopper overall. It’s a robust, workhorse in our shopper knowledge toolbox.

Paraphrasing one of our sales leaders: I never visit my retail partner these days without ‘Shopper Intelligence’ in my back pocket!”

John Pfalzgraf • Director of Consumer Knowledge, Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products

“During strategic planning discussions with our customers we identified key opportunities to grow the Fruity wine category.

Shopper Intelligence gave Brown Brothers key insights showing the high expandability of Moscato consumption, (highest ranked wine varietal) which was ranking close to Cider. Shopper demand for new flavours, types and formats in Moscato were compelling.

Our key out-take, as market leader and producer of Australia’s favourite Moscato we needed to change the game, lead innovation & elate consumers in the Moscato arena.”

Rachel Estlin • Founder, Marketing Manager, Brown Brothers Wine

“Shopper Intelligence is well embedded across the business at Coles. It is a key component in our suite of insights driving Customer and Category planning and is hard-wired into category level templates that Category Managers use to make decisions everyday (e.g. range reviews)”

David Brown • Category Insights Manager – Grocery Food, Coles Supermarkets
“The unique data and insight we receive from Shopper Intelligence was vital in convincing Tesco to re-list our products as we could effectively demonstrate the shopper impact of their decision. The relists have had a significant positive impact on the category and a clear return on our investment.”
Julian Cooke • Head of Category Management, Quorn Foods

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